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17 Answers to political questions emailed from a concerned neighbor...

My answers to questions about Medicaid and other topics below…

Dear Zachery D Taylor,

You asked me questions, thank you by the way, about Medicaid and other topics my responses below…


I think we have a working system and it should not be robbed, but we should honor the ones to who this service is intended. Medicaid provides healthcare for those 65 and older. Provides, healthcare, drug and prescription coverage, wellness, and a private option. I do not have a problem with it being more efficient and spend less with the same level of care. I will veto any bill that does not fund itself or adds to our national debt.

The new green deal?

This proposed new green deal is really old news, it was proposed to address climate change and economic inequality. It was aiming to set the country 100% renewable energy. It also includes provisions of job creation, social welfare programs, and addressing economic inequality. It never did pass in 2019, according to a quick search.

You are asking a working man like me to throw away his gasoline engines already paid for, who can barely afford to keep gas in it, to get a more expensive car. We cannot be completely dependent on electric cars, and the cost and popularity is not very high, but is growing.

I do not believe our founding fathers who risked their lives for our freedom, would want to spend their neighbor’s money on trying to give their neighbors money away to those who will not work for it. I believe you should be asking what can I do for my country, instead of what can I take from my neighbors taxes, to make equal without doing the same work. Proverbs 23:4, "Weary not yourself to be rich; Cease from your own wisdom." Income inequality, have we forgotten it is wrong to want what other people have worked for? It is wrong to take my neighbors taxes, so I can do nothing and have the same riches? It defies the work ethic of morals and virtue.

Climate change and environmental issues?

I believe the world will be here and livable and yes we should be good stewards of America resources, but we should not be the policemen of the world enforcing global warming regulations, because we cannot afford to. We need to focus on our own land, and if you are broke and borrowing on a maxed out credit card, would you give to your neighbor, which is why they raised the debt limit, this year. You would want the most affordable energy, and affordable energy is more of the same. Clean energy is costly and perhaps the cost can come down. The bill would have to fund itself, or vetoed and have to pass through Congress the house and senate, but I do not believe American people are ready to throw away their gas engines and drive only electric cars.

15 Dollars or more as minimum wage?

4.2 million people are making minimum wage, at $7.25 an hour. I think it needs to be raised, but do not think it is my place to determine if it raised or not, in the sense I would want to ask more qualified people or need a study done by labor and statistics to determine a fair amount according to current data. California raised their minimum wage to $14, but do I see it getting reevaluated and changed having to pass through Congress? Perhaps, It should be done at a state level like California, in my opinion. If I was wanting to raise the minimum wage, then I would contact my state lawmakers and try at the state level. I believe the states should be free to determine how much peoples wages are, and not be told by the Federal government. However, if elected, and if a bill came across my desk as president, then I would sign it into law at the federal level, as long as the bill funds itself. I will veto anything that adds to the national debt. The median income of United States is $67, 521 dollars according to 2020, US Census Bureau. Meaning half of incomes are below, $67.5k and half are above $67.5k. The population is 332 million as of 2021. Meaning half, make less than $67.5k, but only 4.2 million are on minimum wage, I cannot promise I will raise it, but if it lands on my desk, then I will certainly sign it as the will of the American People, if elected.

Will you make cuts in military spending?


Constant intervention with other nations?

Yes. In the sense, we must be peacemakers and peacemaking are actions we do, not think about. We must retain our sovereignty and not negotiate away the right of the American people.

Net Neutrality?

No. I think things work better without government manipulation, I believe in capitalism and the market will determine. I do believe there are people who open-source software and make things free. I also believe if you create a website, then it should be treated as every other website, because it is a business not the government. Google makes money on advertising, offering their searches for free, it’s a business and there is a science to running a website for popularity. There are other websites, that have no bias because of money paid by companies to advertise. We must maintain dominance in the cyber space because of National Security. It is according to the constitution, part of the common defense. We cannot have people hack into our system and launch a nuclear weapon. If you mean, preventing our IP addresses from monitoring and manipulation, then I am all for freedom of liberty and I am against illegal search and seizure per the fourth amendment, but believe in a balance of freedom and defense concerning cyber security. I think websites that are true and full of knowledge should not be discriminated against, but I do believe if searching for products and services, then when google sorts the results based upon advertising, is fair. They offer free truth and knowledge, but it is supplied by the advertising of products and services, it is a good business model, in my opinion. I do not believe google should be punished for being so popular.

Universal Child Care?

Yes, but in a free market society, having been taxed for HealthCare already, we have an established health care system for children. Tennessee has a state-run program, called TennCare. I believe it is up to the states to do what is best for their citizens, not at the national level. However, I do not believe we should pass more or new laws to do the same as old laws. I think our current system is working but we need to be always trying to reduce spending, not by slashing benefits but finding better efficiency in our current system of universal health care. I envision an education on birth control and parenthood and how to maintain a budget, to all those who receive government assistance in the form of universal child care, I believe an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We really are having mercy on those who cannot exercise self-control by having fatherless babies. Every citizen has access to use free condoms from the health department, so there should be no unwanted pregnancy in a home, and there should be daddies in the lives of these children, but many claim they do not know who the baby daddy is. Really, we are having mercy on fatherless babies and we need to educate these women so they can be self-sustaining instead of a dependent on government assistance. Really, we should not be asking for more free hand outs, but using the current available resources like the public library to acquire knowledge. We need to be more concerned with providing equal freedoms so people can become self-sufficient not give them more to be dependent on. My vision is using the apprenticeship programs, a person could read a book on plumbing, carpentry, electrician trades, brick mason trades, and then, ask a journeyman or someone running a business doing the same, to teach you everything he knows about the trade, but you work for 5 years at a negotiated wage. Then you can run a second crew for him, or start your own business. How many people can clean a house? A person could use the freedoms our founding fathers gave everyone and go door to door asking to clean houses for money instead of waiting on the first of the month. Also, the military is hiring and educating people, that is how my dad, an orphan found a job and paid for my tuition. He built a bridge; he did not get bitter but did better. Do you want a better America? Then be part of the solution not the problem love America be American.

Do you support taxing corporations more?

No. I believe, our current system is fair. There are ways to generate extra tax revenue by sales taxes, where business will not burden any different than a citizen. I think it is wrong, to give incentives a rich man to help his business to thrive, but I also think it wrong to tax the man who can barely eat. I think what we have is a working system, but intend to pay down the nation debt with a national debt sales tax on marijuana, alcohol, and tobacco, by legalizing weed free to recreate, grow, and used as medicine. This will give us a big shovel to dig out of debt with, and when the national debt is paid off the national debt sales tax dissolves itself.

Do I support breaking up of big banks?

No. We are a free capitalist economy the market will drive the banks in and out of business. I do believe when we finally pay off the nation debt and bring our government into a balanced budget, we can go back to the old paths of our founding fathers, where the states gave money to support the federal government in the common defense and welfare or international relations. Then there was no federal income tax, as we pay down the debt and become financially independent nation we can go back to the silver, and then gold standard.

Reforming racial incarceration system?

No. I believe you cannot get arrested and convicted if you abide lawfully. I do not believe every minority is innocent and the system is corrupt. I believe if you are lawful and break no laws, then you will be found as innocent. I do not believe the system is corrupt but does operate in truth and justice. I also believe the police should be trained in morals, ethics, and human virtues every year. These police officers see a lot of traumas, and need to be reminded how to remain compassionate and friendly, yet deadly force to the evil doer. I believe there are too many fatherless children being raised by single mothers because some dad did not have enough self-discipline or self-control to earn money or behave in a way that is good, right, and true way. America’s justice system is not a terror to the harmless souls that do not harm others but is a terror to the lawless evil doer. Here in America, you can do as much good as you can think of as long as harm no other soul. I am for legalizing weed which will reduce many incarcerated numbers of people and make a legitimate business out of many to be grown freely as a cash crop.

Guaranteed job programs?

No. No I believe free trade and commerce should determine business needs and supply of workers. A business cannot guarantee the quality of its product, if made to hire unqualified workers. I believe a man can create a future for himself and his kids, without a handout. However, many can find a job in place called the United States Military. I think my program to reshape welfare will require those who receive government assistance, to help their communities, get educated or trained for employment, or spend time looking for a job. Requiring one of the following: 20 hours a week looking for a job, or 20 hours a week getting educated or trained for a job, or 20 hours a week helping their neighbors in the form of community service. I believe this will make many self-sufficient by teaching those on welfare a way to feed themselves, educate themselves, so they are free from dependency of the government, and be transformed into self-sufficient tax payer, and to continue to get up searching for work. I think teaching people trades and how to start a business with things all people do like cleaning houses. Here in America, you can door to door asking to clean houses for money, or mow some yards to feed yourself instead of waiting on the first of the month for government assistance, why not use resources available and become self-sufficient instead of becoming a dependent on the government? Being self-sufficient, is freedom or finical independence, where you are feeding yourself not the taxes taken from your neighbors.

Tuition free colleges?

No. It should be done at the state level, if done at all. It taxes the poor and uneducated, in order to educate their neighbors. It is unfair to those who do not go to college due to life circumstances, to have to pay for their neighbors’ education in the form of taxes.

Capping credit card rates?

No. A free market based on freedom for the market to drive itself, I believe is best. If you have bad credit, then the business is taking a risk on a shaky reputation, and can charge more because there is more risk. If you cannot get credit or borrow money, then stabilize your income and budget until you have a sound budget and can repay a loan.

Strict wall street regulations?

No. I believe we already have a system in place and a free market should be free.

Paid sick leave?

No. I believe that is an overreach of the federal government. If such a thing could be passed, then it should be done at the state level and not require every business in America to be required to provide sick leave, but only those in that state.


No. We should be sovereign and self-sustaining free from bondage to any other entity or nation.

Thank You Zachery for the questions. I hope this helps you make an informed decision. Do you want a better America? Then be part of the solution, not the problem. Love America Be American.

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I will post this as a blog on my website in the very near future. I may add some more questions and answers or shorten it up,

Thank you for your interest and questions in your diligent search...

Ben Stewart

(931) 626-0276

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Pulaski, TN 38478

This was an email response to a neighbor's question.


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