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Are you a man of your nation and a man of your times? JFK asked once...

Many here in America are celebrating freedom as the Independence Day of July 4 is three days away, grilling burgers, visiting friends, and living life, I wanted to write a speech to remind myself and others of how thankful and grateful we should be to live here in the United States of America and to encourage us to build a future together. I am so grateful we are free to live a life of freedom and liberty pursuing happiness. The American Soldier has spilled his blood for your life's freedom and Jesus of Nazareth has spilled His blood for your soul's freedom. Both the American Soldier and Jesus died for your freedom to follow truth and righteousness, so you can be free to never choose to do evil but to always be free to choose to do good for yourself and others.

You and I are the future of America, you and I must be a man of our nation and a man of our times, as I heard in JFK’s speech on freedom. He asked his audience, "Are you a man of your Nation and are you a man of your Times?" Do you want to be an instrument of peace and reconciliation with your fellow neighbors, citizens, and other Nations? We the people of America as a One Nation Under God, must strive for peace among ourselves and promote peace with other nations. Peace making is something you do not observe. Peace is a process, an action and we need to continue to be resolute in our treaties of peace with other nations, will you with me, work to resolve and mak

e peace with our neighbors and fellow citizens and other nations? Be part of the solution not the problem Love America! Be American!

Our founding fathers, had the vision and fortitude to establish a written rule of law called the Constitution of the United States of America. Our founding fathers, left us the Declaration of Independence, as an instrument of peace and freedom they used to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. They built a future for their kids and grandchildren and posterity. A future free from an evil king oppressing you into poverty, and keeping you in ignorance, and a slave to his will and hid debts and his taxes. We must stand against the evil of our day, as they did to the king of their day. We must stand against the ignorance of knowledge. We must stand for the truth and be the light by sharing and following truth and righteousness. We must be better and not bitter. We must build a future for ourselves, our kids and grandchildren, we must continue to be re

solute to sustain freedom of living life here free from oppression of evil men and women in our pursuit of happiness. Here in America, we can do as much good as we can think of, as long as you harm no other soul. Our government is a terror to the evil doer, but a liberator of those who want to be free to live a life to pursue happiness without fear of harm and harming no other. Be part of the Solution not the Problem. Love America! Be American!

Let us not focus on our differences, but on the common human virtues and the basic rights our Creator has given to every man and woman. Each of us have a right to free speech and to follow truth. Instead of standing on party lines of liberal and conservative, let us unite in liberty of virtues and morals and the basic rights of every soul to live a life free from having to choose evil and able to do as much good as one can do. Let us unite as men and women in fighting for the future of our children preserving

the America you grew up in, so they are not raised in poverty and ignorance but in freedom and truth and justice. Be Part of the Solution not the Problem. Love America! Be American!

There is no law that will make you at peace with yourself. If you are not a peace with yourself, then how can you be a peace maker or a peace keeper? It is only when you are a peace with God you can have peace with yourselves, it is written, Proverbs 16:7 When a man's ways please the LORD, he makes even his enemies to be at peace with him. How many of you are at conflict with others? Be a peacemaker and continue to speak truth in your hearts to remain at peace within yourselves and God. It takes two to argue, we can use our freedom of speech to teach truth and knowledge to enlighten and establish truth and justice. Why are so many party lines of us and t

hem? Instead, we need to be teaching and discussing truth. How many of these people in the news do not have their enemies at peace with them? Thus by their fruits you can determine their ways are not righteous. Be Part of the Solution not the Problem. Love America! Be American!

Let us not start a war within our hearts by feeding ourself a lie saying there is no truth and justice and the freedom because the system is broken, as some have suggested. Let us go back to the reading and pattern of the Constitution from our founding fathers. Let us seek after knowledge and enlightenment, let us seek after wisdom and understanding, let us seek after truth and righteousness, let us seek after virtues and morals, let us seek after a life of freedom and liberty, let us seek after happiness and peace with God and fellow man and woman. Let us stand for truth and justice, Let us stand for the The American way, Be part of the Solution not the problem. Love America Be American. Love your neighbor as yourself and remember love works no ill will towards its neighbor. Husbands love your wives and bring your children up in the ways of truth and righteousness. Wives respect your husbands and guide your children in virtues of truth and honest

y and fruits of peace and love. Let us not start a war ever but ever remain vigilant to the making of peace within our own hearts and minds, as well as peace in the family home, as w

ell as peace with our fellow Americans, and as well as peace with other nations. Be part of the solution and not the problem. Love America Be American. Remember to love your neighbor as yourself and that love works no ill will towards its neighbors. Amen.


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