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End the slavery of transgender people...

Transgender people are slaves to the doctors…

I feel sorry, for each of the trans people than have regretted their irreversible decision and had their gentiles mutilated at the expense of greedy doctors. The doctors know no male human can produce a human egg. The doctors know no human female can produce a human sperm. Yet, they fulfilling the role of Frankenstein, and the Slave master, subject people to lifestyle of slavery. Slavery to you need my prescription, you need my scalpel, you need me the rest of your life and their will be nothing you can do about it; after you decide to allow them to mutilate your body. The doctors know they are not changing genders, for their profession does not deny science and natural laws. They are willing to profit off all those unsure of their gender, and some want to change others with an irreversible surgery. This mutilates the natural order of human growth and transition from child to adult. No child should be given the ability to choose an irreversible decision, resulting in a life dependent on doctors’ orders, drugs, and hormones all artificial, and make doctors wealthy. It will never be natural; you will always be artificially deceiving yourself and paying doctors to enslave yourself and others.

Those that have bought the lie, you are not your birth gender, are essentially the monster Frankenstein, created by man with a knife and wicked imagination, who profits off your emotional instability. Many of you claim it is hard, then press that hardship on others? If you want to play Frankenstein and hack up a human body then fine, but do not teach those lies to our children, especially mine. You are teaching slavery and misery of an artificial life supplied by doctor lying to you, who wants your money and not tell you the truth and who do not to practice the truth, but cater to your emotional fantasy. If I did to a dog, what you guys do to a human, then it would be cruelty. I pray to Jesus of Nazareth, I was as confused as anyone of you, He confirmed the truth and I am a straight male. Who years later am now married and living a life grounded in truth and a Spirit of freedom. Nothing will satisfy your soul, like Jesus of Nazareth. Have you asked the Author of Salvation to write you a plan of redemption, reconciliation, and salvation? Yes or No? Jesus of Nazareth died so you would never have to choose the wrong thing, made a way for your wrongs to be forgiven. Jesus says, whoever hungers and thirsts after righteousness will be filled. Do you want to fulfil your plan and purpose and be right? Yes or No. Will you ask Jesus of Nazareth what is right, so you can be right with your Creator and fellow mankind? Yes or No? Please respond with any comments….

Pray with me?

Creator of all created things, and I ask you would fill our hunger and desire to be right and fulfill our plan and purpose, please restore all the damage done by these doctors and grant them sound reasoning, that they profit no further from human cruelty based on emotional people, please forgive their ignorance and show mercy to those living lies enforced by those in authority, please meet our soul’s deepest needs of truth, mercy, love, and forgiveness and we forgive all others, including ourselves. Knowing you teach to forgive or we cannot be forgiven, In Jesus of Nazareth’s name may it be so.

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Unknown member
Jun 13, 2023

Many of these transgender want access to children who have not been taught and learned the biological fact: No male human can produce a human egg and No female human can produce sperm. They want to indoctrinate children before they learn these biological facts. Ridiculous.

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