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If Trump cannot follow a subpoena, then how can he obey the constitution?

Trump has been accused as a former president, of being un trust worthy with classified documents. Former presidents should be held to the highest standard not a lesser standard or the same standard. I think Trump has no regard for the rule of law. He thinks he makes laws, not obeys them. You give me a subpoena and I do not follow the instructions on said subpoena: they would hit me with the full weight of the law because I disrespected the rule of law or in mammas word they would throw me under the jail, and teach me a lesson to do what the law says. Ignorance is one thing but how can an ex-president be ignorant of handling of classified information, especially when all he had to do is follow the subpoena! Trump knows his level of security clearance but ignored all rules and does as Trump does, then blames the law because he broke the law. Then claims he is being persecuted for breaking the same laws you and I have to obey, because he disregarded and did not obey the law,? ridiculous.

May God adopt America and give us sound minds in Jesus of Nazareth's name amen.

תגובה אחת

13 ביוני 2023

WE WANT TRUMP, MAGA WILL DETERMINE THE NEXT GOP CANDIDATE ! If Trump is not on that ballot Hakeem Jeffries will be the next speaker of the house. It’s up to the GOP To see the light before we send their ballots back to them marked trump and only Trump

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