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Practicing the Truth will make America great...

Our Constitution, given to us by the blood, sweat, and tears of all those brave men and women, that founded this nation; is what makes America Great.

We are free thanks to our founding fathers, to live a life of liberty and pursue happiness. America is great because there is no fear of being made to do a wrong thing. America is great because men like Benjamin Franklin envisioned a democratic republic, to avoid the mob rule of Socialism. These great men stood in defiance of the rule of a king. These great men made a way to free from evil men silencing your words. These great men made a way we could bear arms to stand up against the evil man. These great men made a way for the good news of Jesus to be preached and obeyed. These great men made a way to fear no evil molesting you or your children. These great men established our constitution and made a way to pursue life, liberty, and happiness for you and me. We need to reread the constitution and amendments do not change and re-write them, but remember them and obey them.

There is a movement to censorship here in America to silence the preaching of the good news of Jesus Christ. There is movement to silence the preaching of sound minded morals and virtues of humanity that have been virtues and morals since the beginning of time. There are too many people not living in reality. These people that lie against their very nature, trying to claim they are not human or male or female. These people are trying to silence the preaching of sound morals that nature itself teaches. For the biological make of humans are of two kinds, male and female. Nature teaches there are two kinds, even by DNA, you are either XX or XY. For someone to tell me they are not their natural gender at birth, does not mean I have to participate in their delusion. I cannot participate in their lie. They have detached themselves from truth and reality and are living in a delusion or fantasy. These people are more concerned with their feelings that are irrational. If I was to cut up an animal they way they do a human body, they would arrest me for cruelty. These doctors should stop mutilating humans and participating in a lie. These people have to take artificial everything to even pretend they are not their natural gender at birth, and reason in their corrupt minds they are natural. They are lying to themselves and others. To corrupt a child, and confuse their identity, is a terrible sin. These children that have been defiled by the confusion spread by these LGBT types, need to have their DNA tested to confirm male and female. It is gross and terrible thought these confused people rejoice over a small child having his or her genitals removed by a Frankenstein that should be barred for life because of his gross misconduct against humanity and nature itself.

All of these confused people are trying to silence the truth. They are trying to get people with titles such as preacher, reverend, or pastor to not be able speak the truth of morals because it offends them. You remember when you were a kid and the truth came out and you were found out to be a liar. That is what these people are trying to do. They are trying to silence anyone that tells them they are wrong. These bullies, speak up loud and proud while good men do nothing. We must stand up and speak against the lie in the room, especially when the lie is corrupting your kids and mine too.

I remember an America where I could be free to do or say anything without fear of being silenced. Our First Amendment is under attack, let us speak the truth without fear and let us never participate in a lie. Amen.

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