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What is the American Dream…Presidential Political Campaign Message

What is the American Dream…Presidential Political Campaign Message

What is the American Dream? For the founding fathers of our Nation, they had the Vision to setup a Constitutional Republic with freedom to pursue life, liberty and happiness without fear of evil.

They risked their life, liberty, and happiness to be free from taxes of a tyrant King who ruled through oppression, our founding fathers stood and risked everything to have their freedom and right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and have passed it down to us through the Constitution of the United States of America.

They wanted religious freedom and to be able to pursue happiness without unjust laws, taxes, and demands exacted from them by a king.

They wanted to establish the same liberty, freedom of religion, rights every man has been given by his Creator, so every soul can enjoy life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness for all of us, their posterity. Our founding fathers gave us the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, when the declared to the tyrant king, NO MORE! Our founding fathers, set this entire nation free from a king.

What is the American Dream? For our fellow Citizens in our Country; the United States of America:

What benefits and endowments they have bestowed upon us? We ourselves, our garbage cans eat better than most of the world, and our citizens rest in safety serving their Creator without fear of harm, perform and relying on the first amendment, that give us the right to freedom of speech, religion, press, and ability to readdress the government for grievances. One such grievance is the censorship against Jesus Christ. I stand for the right to obey my Creator and do the most-good to my neighbor as possible, with the rights and talents God gives every man: I stand so the good news of Jesus Christ can be preached and obeyed here in America. Love America and Be American.

The American dream is to be free to choose to do as much good as you can today. What is there hindering you from doing a good deed? Many here in America, pass on the American Dream by loving their neighbors as themselves. Let us remember love works no ill will towards its neighbor.

The American Dream is to enjoy the freedom of living a life of righteousness and peace with all men, while enjoying the benefits of our forefathers, we need to be grateful for the work of those founding fathers who had a hand in the writing of the Constitution of the United States of America and those that added the Bill of Rights and the rest of the Amendments. For the passing on to their descendants, us, the freedom and rights granted to all men under their Creator, we can live and do good without fear of persecution, but let America be a terror to the evil doer. Love America Be American.

What is the American dream: for the Undocumented Immigrants?

For the undocumented workers here in America, would you like to be free to join America by participating in the adoption process of becoming a citizen of the United States of America? Would it be easier for you to learn at the public library, which has a wealth of resources for free education? Would it be nice not to have to duck every time, someone thinks they can send you back because you are here illegally?

God said to the Nation of Israel in the Old Covenant, to treat the strangers in your land as if they are yourself. Lev 19:34. God wanted Israel to be righteous, God gave an instruction concerning strangers in the citizen’s gates, to a nation in the past; of how to be righteous. Righteousness exalts a nation; our Undocumented workers need an easier process to be adopted into the immigration rules. It takes about 1-2 years, to become a citizen, my proposal is turning the libraries into a type of Paris Island, teaching English, how to become a citizen, and sharing the free knowledge Benjamin Franklin envisioned a public library to become: a free education. Each new undocumented worker, who joins the United States of America, becomes a taxpayer, but has to finish the process of becoming a citizen here in America. When they sign up to become a citizen by completing the 1–2-year process, they are granted citizenship. The illegals will be adopted into the already establish system but have an easier way to enroll and paying their fair share of taxes. Instead of being a burden on the financial system, they become a gain; to the American economy through the extra tax revenue as they learn and complete the citizenship process.

To the undocumented worker here in America: would you want to participate in your own future by sharing in the benefits of becoming a citizen of the United States of America? Love America Be American.

What is the American Dream? For our future and children's future?

All lives matter! You want a better world; then you are to build a future for your sons and your daughters. Be the bridge, that someone burned for you. Be the example, the overcomer, the faithful few, the brave and set an example of righteousness or right doing. Overcome evil with good, do good to those that have done you wrong and forgive the worse in others because God our Creator will have to forgive the worse in you too. Be a vision come to life for the future of your children, build with your hands a future for you children so they too can enjoy the America you grew up in, where we are free to pursue life, liberty and happiness without fear of evil.

Want a better world, be a better person. Jesus of Nazareth died and was raised from the dead, so you would not have to choose evil or a wrong thing, start with you. Tell the truth to yourself in your heart, then practice the truth you learn in the best way you can, without harming others.

A better you, means a better tomorrow. You are the future, have you built a bridge for your son or your daughters? Life is cruel and unfair, but do not be bitter, but be better than they did you. Love you neighbor as yourself and remember love works no ill will towards its neighbor. Do you remember a time when truth was cherishes and lies exposed? Would it be great if we never heard a lie before? Do you remember a time where people feed and clothed each other? You want America to be like the Nation you grew up in? What is your American Dream... Presidential Political Campaign Message: Love America Be American.


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