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Why Socialism Will Not Work…

I am not sure who to give credit concerning this story I heard, but here is what I can paraphrase…There was a teacher teaching and her students all of them wanted to know: what socialism is and thought it was a good idea. The teacher said it will never work it is a failed system. The students still wanted and carried on for her to teach them socialism, and she kept saying it is failed system it will never work. The students persisted, until the teacher said I will teach you socialism by your test scores.

So, the first test everyone got a 95 or an A. The students that studied and made a 100 were mad, but their scores had to averaged in with the rest. The ones that did not study and made an A were very happy. So, the next test everyone got an 85, everyone got a B. Again, those that studied hard and worked hard did not get the grade they earned, but had to give up their perfect score, to receive a B. Those that did not study still got a B and were passing the class. The third test they all got a 75, a D, those that studied and made perfect were outraged their work was turned into a D, those that did nothing still received a D.

By the End of the semester, they all started to fail, because there is no reward for studying and putting in work. Why study if someone is just going to take your grade from you and give it someone else? There is no reward for work in socialism, it takes from those who produces and gives to those who do nothing. Those that worked hard and studied, all stopped because they did not receive their full reward for the work they studied and put into a class.

Socialism defies the work ethic, for it is the opposite of charity, it is a robber of the good and rewarder of the lazy. Charity is out of free will; socialism takes from those who do and gives to those who do not. A society that had lost this principle: being rewarded for effort, is doomed to fail. Why do anything if it is going to be taken. You cannot legislate charity. You making everyone give part of their effort to someone else, is slavery not freedom!

It's written in the New Testament of Christ:

2Th 3:10 For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, If any will not work, neither let him eat.


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