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Would this be a great act of freedom for a President? repost

In today's blog post, the concept of replacing the existing tax code with a single law is explored - a flat tax rate of less than 10%. Under this proposal, all individuals and businesses would be subject to a uniform 10% tax rate with no exceptions, loopholes, or special provisions. Such a system would effectively eliminate loopholes and prevent the introduction of unnecessary provisions, promoting fairness and transparency. Your feedback and participation in a political discussion on this matter are encouraged.

Furthermore, consider the idea of requiring that every bill be read in its entirety before any vote can be taken on it. Is the IRS Tax code structured in a way that enables them to pay off the National Debt to maintain sovereignty using the money collected from citizens and businesses through income taxes? A simple yes or no question for fact-checking purposes... If true, settling the debt could potentially increase the value of each dollar to that of an ounce of Gold, approximately $2000 after the debt is cleared. Perhaps establishing a donation fund could be a solution to eliminate the national debt.

Introducing Ben Stewart, an independent candidate for the presidency, who is seeking your support by signing his petition on his website,


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