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Why Ben Stewart?

I have listened and thought and talked about reducing spending, lowering the national debt, establishing the borders, until I actually fasted and prayed to God for working solutions to our current moral and social ruin, we see happening everyday...


I believe that for evil to thrive good men have to do nothing, and I am tired of doing nothing. I believe standing for the constitution and the United States of America in Jesus of Nazareth's name (Acts 22:7-8), by running for the President of the United States of America.

In recent months I have been threatened with the police, for reaching out to a few individuals about being baptized into Christ, while I was at a softball game; he brought my chairs to the parking lot and threatened me with being arrested, if I said another word about Jesus. I asked the man; do you go to church? He said yes. I just shook my head. He fought against Christ that day. I have seen more than just this one instance. If we do not take back America, it will be illegal to speak about Jesus!

I am a baptized Christian, and I am not perfect, but I am faithful every day. I did not believe in a God until I was 20, but now Jesus of Nazareth (Acts 22:7-8), is my Shepherd. With His help, and I will remain faithful through death, Amen. 

I do not think the constitution should be re-written but re-read and obeyed. 

I am not a perfect voter, nor have I been a perfect citizen, but I have always been thankful, grateful, and faithful to the United States of America, and for growing up where I am free to serve my God Jesus of Nazareth, the God of gods, without fear.


Here in America, we can do the most good we can think of, if we do it in upright ways, in fact, Jesus of Nazareth said, whoever hungers and thirst after the righteousness of God (the right ways of God), will be filled. We have a promise if we want to do it right by God, our Creator will fill our ways, if we do it in Jesus' name, we have no excuse for not loving our neighbors as ourselves and let us remember love works no ill will towards its neighbor.


I want to re-establish the constitution and re-establish this nation as One Nation Under God,  in Jesus's name, the one who died on the cross and was raised from the dead three days later, to whom be Glory forever... Amen! 

My goal is keeping America a place where the good news of Jesus can still be preached and obeyed without fear of being silenced or persecuted. What is good for the Christian, is good for all religions, because Jesus said love even your enemies. Our founding fathers fought a real war to hand down a system of government that frees us from fear of being made to do evil: a written rule of Law. We have the freedom to do as much good as you can think of, as long as you harm no other soul. 

Please contact me if you think my ideas are solutions or answers, or if you have a better one then please contact me, and please support this just cause by donation.

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