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Would this be a Great Act as a President?

Why could we not? adopt Mexico as a State? Or Ukraine? Or Australia? Or Africa? Afterwards, we would have free trade and taxes to supply the needs of the citizens. Or If Mexico would refuse such, a notion… then build a Panama Canal 2000 times the size of the Panama Canal so there is no stepping over, no digging under, a bonafide buttress of a defense turned into an avenue of commerce and trade to create jobs and taxes and levies. It would be designed by those already paid on the books, the Army Corp of Engineers. Then built by the Armed Forces with the money already being paid to them. Just some happy thoughts about securing the border for our children and ourselves. If these people were organized and had army rifles, and a plan we would call it an invasion.

I know the democrats are like, they can get asylum and should be granted citizenship. That’s why they are like let them all in! Republicans, humble opinion, more sound minded, are like we have rules for a reason! More logical not so lead by emotions. Democrats are like but that’s not how we feel about it and Republicans are like that is the truth of the facts does not matter how I feel. Stop the chaos. Really if it is the welfare of the people ILLEGALLY crossing our boundaries, you can get a passport and setup charities on their side of the border to prevent them from fleeing their dire circumstances and advise them with the proper advice that will work peace and prosperity.

Someone who truly could envision such and be a President to have it come to pass would be a truly Great act of a President of the United States of America.

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Ben Stewart


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